Domino Train

What You Get: 1 Domino Train, 1 domino tray, 60 colored dominos, and 1 toy human figure.

Endless Fun: Your child will love watching this toy do the most difficult task in seconds: standing up dominos perfectly. All your child has to do is give the dominos a simple push to watch a brilliant chain reaction.

Early Childhood Brain Development: This innovative toy will teach your child color recognition, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Creativity And Imagination: Your children can use their imaginations to create unique shapes with the dominos.
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Domino Train
The Domino Train is a must have for kids that get bored of their toys easily. Its amazing function and colorful features are sure to keep kids engaged during playtime and will allow them to exercise their brains.
Smart Toothbrush
Efficient And Innovative
The Domino Train does the hard work of lining up dominos perfectly in a matter of seconds.
Easy Steering
Your child will be able to steer the Domino Train using the chimney and create amazing shapes with the dominos.
The Perfect Gift For Kids
This toy will keep kids engaged and also spark curiosity, further developing their brains.
Stimulating Sounds
When the Domino Train is switched on, it will emit train bells and sounds to keep your child intrigued.
Premium Quality Material
The train and dominos are made from a smooth premium plastic that is non-toxic and completely safe for children.
Vibrant Colors
This colorful toy set will keep your children entertained and help them develop their color coordination skills.

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