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LaunchDisk™ - Soaring Disk Fun

LaunchDisk™ - Soaring Disk Fun

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“Hours of entertainment is what this little gem brings for both the young and old! We fired LaunchDisk™ up for our daughters to play but quickly found we were joining in the fun with them. The disk flies in our living room that has a tall ceiling and really pushes your hand-eye coordination. This is so truly so fun, and I would definitely recommend it to all parents!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Noelia Ortiz
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Early childhood development provides the building blocks for a child’s future and determines their success as adults. When kids miss out on essential skills like hand-eye coordination and healthy habits, it can affect their performance in school and their overall success in life. It can be frustrating and heartbreaking to see our children struggle and fail to reach their true potential.

LaunchDisk™ is an amazing interactive toy that helps kids work on these important skills while having hours of entertainment. Shooting spinning disks up to 35 feet high, LaunchDisks™ offers a fun and healthy activity of catching these disks. This incredible game allows kids to work on skills like hand-eye coordination while they run around, exercise, and have loads of fun.



HEALTHY HABITS: Once launched, the disks will hover and spin in the air for a while, so that kids can run around and catch them. This gives them the opportunity to move around and exercise, keeping them healthy and building strong immune systems for their futures.     

HAND-EYE COORDINATION: This fun game involves launching the disks and catching them with the nets. By watching where the disks go and using their nets to catch them, kids get to practice their hand-eye coordination, which is essential for their physical development.

FOCUS & CONCENTRATION: The elusive spinning disks can be tricky to track down and catch, giving kids a chance to use and work on their concentration skills. Developing focus is essential for succeeding in school and navigating everyday tasks with ease and confidence.

ENDLESS FUN: This unique and innovative activity, with all the twists and turns, is almost addictive for children. Unlike other toys and activities that may only keep the attention of kids for a few minutes, LaunchDisk™ is sure to keep kids engaged and excited for hours on end.

GROUP FUN: LaunchDisk™ features 8 disks and 2 nets, so that multiple people can enjoy this fun game. This thrilling activity allows kids to share the enjoyment together and work on skills like teamwork, communication, and cooperation while bonding with family and friends.



1. Place the disks inside of the circular opening.

2. Step on the pedal and have fun catching the disks!


We understand how stressful parenthood can be, especially when it comes to finding activities that not only are fun, but also helps build essential skills. It can be frustrating to struggle to keep kids entertained while also preparing them for school and the future. The recent Readiness for Kindergarten study shows that over 75% of kids are not prepared to learn and lack critical skills!

LaunchDisk™ is perfect for anyone looking to provide kids with endless fun while keeping them healthy and letting them work on their hand-eye coordination skills. This toy launches disks high into the sky so that kids can chase and catch them. LaunchDisk™ propels fun to new heights, fostering moments of joy and leaving children beaming with accomplishment and excitement!



Length: 9.6 in

Width: 4.5 in

Height: 10.6 in



(1) x LaunchDisk™

(8) x Spinning Disks

(2) x Nets


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