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MathStamp™ - Math Roller Stamp

MathStamp™ - Math Roller Stamp

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“I love MathStamp™ for my first grader! There are around hundreds of combinations of math problems. What I do is roll a few problems and then twist the handles to create a new set of problems. That’s how you create a great math worksheet. We do addition and subtraction each day. And we are about to start adding multiplication in the mix! All parents need MathStamp™!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Sara Mitchell
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Math is one of the most important subjects for children to learn because it is used to describe the world around us and helps build life skills. Without a solid grasp of math, children can struggle with essential skills like problem-solving and logical thinking. Seeing our children lack the skills necessary for success in school and adult life can be frustrating and heartbreaking.

MathStamp™ is an innovative device that makes learning and practicing basic math skills fun and easy. This stamp can be rolled across any piece of paper to create hundreds of different math problems, whether they be addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. MathStamp™ makes creating math problems easy and fun, helping children master basic arithmetic skills.


EFFICIENT STAMPING: MathStamp™ has a built-in rotating stamp that can print hundreds of unique math problems in a matter of seconds. Compared to tediously writing these problems out by hand, this saves considerable time and energy, which is vital for parents and teachers.

QUALITY PROBLEMS: The handles on the sides can be used to rotate the stamp to create new combinations of math problems. This comprehensive set of different problems ensure children have a high-quality learning session each time they work on these math problems.

MAKES MATH FUN: The child-friendly design and satisfaction that comes from stamp rolling turns practicing math into a fun and enjoyable activity. Kids will now look forward to math practice if it means they get to use their favorite MathStamp™ to create their own problems.

REFILLABLE INK: The handles on the sides have caps that can be removed so that additional ink can be easily added to MathStamp™. This practical feature not only guarantees MathStamp™ can be used for a long time, but is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

PORTABLE: MathStamp™ is compact and lightweight, making it very convenient to bring along to any occasion. In addition to being an excellent tool for learning at home, MathStamp™ can be brought to school or even on vacation for around the clock learning and enjoyment.


We understand how scary it can be for our children to struggle with basic math, with it being the foundation for important future skills. It can be devastating to see our kids lack these skills and fail to become successful adults in the future! A study done by University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows that children that fall behind their peers in math won't catch up as years go by!

MathStamp™ is the perfect learning tool for parents looking to help their children master basic arithmetic skills. This innovative device efficiently prints a variety of high-quality math problems for children to solve, improving their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. MathStamp™ is the key to mastering math and shaping a future filled with limitless possibilities! 



Length: 2.05 in

Width: 1.26 in

Height: 1.81 in


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