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WonderWheel™ - Puzzle Car Racing Magic

WonderWheel™ - Puzzle Car Racing Magic

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Really nice! I got WonderWheel™ for my son’s 3rd birthday and he absolutely loves it. Has kept him busy for hours, as he puts together different puzzle combinations. Everything about this toy is entertaining. He really loves it! Plays with it daily. Setup was a breeze and the instructions were very easy to understand. This really is a solid toy and I am very pleased. Hope this helps!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Nick Z.
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A child’s early years can have lifelong physical, social, and emotional impacts. A lack of important experiences, such as developing vital skills like problem-solving, fine motor skills, and creativity can leave long-lasting detrimental impacts. Without opportunities for kids to work on these skills, they will likely struggle in school and also later on as adults in the future. 

WonderWheel™ combines the best of both a car racing track and a jigsaw puzzle for a new activity that is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours. This innovative toy allows kids to use their imagination to create their very own unique racing track. As they mix and match the race tracks, kids get to practice their problem-solving, creativity, and fine motor skills.


FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, children get to use their hands and fingers to connect the tracks however they like. This activity allows kids to practice using small muscles in their hands, which is important for doing things like eating, writing, or getting dressed. 

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Each of the pieces have different ridges and grooves so kids can identify and connect the right tracks. This fun yet challenging process encourages critical thinking and decision-making, which are essential skills for tackling challenges in daily life.

ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: Unlike other toys, WonderWheel™ offers countless play possibilities by letting kids create new tracks over and over again. This amazing and innovative feature of WonderWheel™ is bound to keep kids engaged without ever getting bored.

CREATIVITY: While children have to find the right tracks to connect, they are also able to experiment with different and diverse track layouts. Little ones get to practice their creativity and create new ideas in their heads, further progressing their mental growth and confidence.


GROUP FUN: WonderWheel™’s many tracks is perfect for playing together, whether it be with friends or family. This type of group fun encourages kids to work on their social and communication skills while also providing an opportunity for bonding and quality time.


We understand how worried we can be about whether our children are prepared for the future. It can be heartbreaking to see our children struggle or fall behind and not live the happy life we intended for them to live! A study done by Nobel laureate James Heckman shows that for every dollar invested in early childhood programs, there’s a return of about 7 to 10 dollars in benefits!

WonderWheel™ offers a fun way for kiddos to develop crucial skills like critical thinking and creativity. This amazing toy ensures kids learn the important skills early on, setting a strong foundation for the future. Unlock a world of boundless possibilities and lifelong joy with WonderWheel™—where play sparks brighter futures and unforgettable moments!




(8) x Racing Tracks

(6) x Road Signs

(1) x Car


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