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AquaMagic™ - Magic Painting Mat

AquaMagic™ - Magic Painting Mat

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“Bought this as a gift for my 2.5 year old. He absolutely loves it. He LOVED the alphabets on the side. The markers, paint brush pens, and stamps were easy to use. Everything about this water coloring mat is perfect. My son loves to color and this is a great mess-free LARGE area for him to color on. Definitely would recommend AquaMagic™ if you have a little creative artist!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Laura Brown
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Little ones often create a mess, especially while drawing—they tend to doodle everywhere, from floors to walls and even furniture around the house. Drawing is fantastic for a child's creativity, but it often leads to a messy home with artwork appearing all over cherished walls and furniture. It can be frustrating trying to maintain a mess-free home without limiting a child’s creative outlet.

AquaMagic™ is a water-coloring and doodling mat that features a surface where drawings magically fade away within minutes of being drawn. This clean and safe activity is perfect for kids that love drawing, helping them practice their fine motor skills and imagination. Experience the joys of a mess-free home with kids having endless fun doodling to their hearts’ content.



MESS-FREE FUN: AquaMagic™ offers an innovative playtime with water-color pens that guarantee a clean and mess-free experience. Unlike traditional markers, crayons, or paint, these pens won’t leave stains; they either fade away on their own over time or easily wash off.

CREATIVE OUTLET: The combination of the large mat and drawing booklet, showing how to draw different objects, help kids work on their creativity. Having a good sense of creativity helps children develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and emotional intelligence.

ALPHABET LEARNING: Letters of the alphabet are scattered around the borders of AquaMagic™, giving kids the opportunity to  to learn them. In addition to drawing pictures, kids get to practice writing and recognizing letters of the alphabet, preparing them for school. 

ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: AquaMagic™ is made of a special material that causes the doodles to disappear a few minutes after being drawn. This unique feature enables kids to draw new doodles over and over again, ensuring they stay entertained and never get bored.

 ✅ FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The drawing templates helps guide the hands of children so they can draw different objects like fruits, vegetables, and cars. These templates support development of the little muscles inside their hands, which is essential for future skills. 



1. Twist the tops of each marker off.

2. Fill each marker with water and securely twist the tops back on.

3. Dive into a mess-free and fun activity with AquaMagic™!


We understand how frustrated we can be when our home gets messy and it seems like there isn’t a single clean corner. It can be stressful trying to maintain a clean house while also continuing to encourage our children to be creative! According to a study, clutter and messy homes are linked to feeling overwhelmed, poor mental health, and overall lower quality of life!

AquaMagic™ provides a mess-free unique activity for kids to express their creativity and have endless fun. This incredible doodle mat guarantees kids stop drawing all over the house and also helps them work on important skills like the alphabet and fine motor skills. Enjoy a mess-free home, with smiling kids bringing their amazing creations to life on AquaMagic™! 



Length: 31 in

Width: 31 in



(1) x AquaMagic™

(3) x Watercolor Markers

(4) x Drawing Template

(1) x Drawing Booklet


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