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PopRush™ - Educational Fidget Toy

PopRush™ - Educational Fidget Toy

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“I bought PopRush™ for my kids to add to our pack of toys for our international trip. It was a big hit with both my 21 month old and 4 year old! It gave them something to do when standing in constant lines and kept them busy. They love pushing all the buttons and resetting the toy. I would definitely recommend PopRush™ for parents looking to keep their little ones busy!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Molly Thompson
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Developing life skills such as hand-eye coordination, focus, and critical thinking is essential for children at an early age. A lack of these skills can lead to children struggling to make good decisions, develop good habits, and grow into successful adults in the future. Seeing children fail to reach their full potential and succeed in life can be both frustrating and heart-breaking.

PopRush™ is an amazing fidget toy that helps children develop these important skills through a fun and stimulating game. The unique pop-it design features 10 buttons that randomly light up in a different pattern each time, with the goal to press the lit-up buttons as quickly as possible. This simple yet fun activity helps children develop the skills necessary to excel and succeed in life.



HAND-EYE COORDINATION: At each round of the game, a pattern of buttons light up, encouraging children to use what they see to decide which buttons to press. This helps develop hand-eye coordination, which is important for both physical development and everyday tasks.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The buttons are made of a high-quality and sturdy ABS plastic, which requires children to use their finger strength to press down on them. Developing strength in the hands and fingers is important for everyday tasks like eating, writing, and getting dressed.

FOCUS & CONCENTRATION: PopRush™ is designed to be fast, with the buttons lighting up quickly, as well as having buttons that flash as a distraction in between rounds. The speed of the game allows children to work on their focus, which is vital for succeeding in school.

COPING WITH FAILURE: Each mode has different difficulty levels and resets to the easiest difficulty if the wrong buttons are pressed. As a result, children will learn how to deal with failure, teaching them problem-solving skills and building their mental toughness for future challenges.

ENDLESS FUN: PopRush™ features buttons that are oddly satisfying to press down on, similar to a fidget toy. Paired with the challenging and exciting game of quick reflexes and pattern recognition, PopRush™ is sure to provide hours of endless entertainment for kids.



1. Insert 3 AAA batteries (not included).

2. Press the Power button to turn PopRush™ on.

3. Press the Volume button to adjust the volume.

4. Select the mode by pressing the left button.

5. Press the lighted buttons in the center quickly and reset and move on to the next level by pressing the large button on the back.

6. Enjoy hours of endless fun!


We understand how scary it can be to see our children struggle to develop the life skills that are important for school and success in the future. It can be heartbreaking to see them fail to reach their full potential and lead a successful adult life! According to the recent Readiness for Kindergarten study, over 75% of students are not well prepared to learn and lack critical skills!

PopRush™ is the perfect early childhood development toy for parents looking to ensure their children’s success. This amazing fidget toy not only helps develop essential skills like hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills, but also provides hours of endless fun. Unlock a brighter future with PopRush™ and lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life!



Length: 5.12 in

Width: 4.57 in

Height: 2.2 in



(1) x PopRush™

(1) x Instruction Manual


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